“Very talented – makes the guitar sound like 2 guitars and a piano”
BBC Southern Counties

“Geoff Robb – an outstanding guitarist. Every piece he played was impeccable and his innovative technique was of the highest standard.”
The Argus

“Whilst undoubtedly being a player of great skill and control, Geoff is also refreshingly approachable and informal in concert. Like a folk performer he’s happy to tell the stories behind some of the tunes, and has a sense of humour. There is nothing remotely off-putting about a solo guitar recital when it’s Geoff Robb.”
Steve Henwood, Bath Fringe Festival

“It was an absolute privilege to host Geoff Robb at Glynde Church. The place was completely packed to hear someone who is rightly described as one of the top guitarists in the UK.
So much of our musical culture is centred in urban environments at the expense of the rural population who often have to travel long distances to hear music.”
Peter Owen Jones, Vicar of Firle, Glynde & Beddingham & BBC Television Presenter

“Geoff Robb’s versatile guitar playing delighted the Chichester festival audience – it’s always a pleasure to listen to his varied and well chosen music.”
Barry Smith, Co-ordinator, Festival of Chichester